Brewing Kombucha

That mysterious fermented fizzy tea that everyone seems to be drinking, yep that is kombucha. So what is the big deal? And where did it come from? Good questions (I am assuming you asked the questions I typed). Kombucha is believed to originate in China during the Chinese Tsin Dynasty, as far back as 212 […]

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Look Out For Cyclists

Ok, so Brighton is not a cycling epicentre. It is no Copenhagen, and its hills make the appeal of the two wheeled stead a little less alluring then when in FLAT places like Hamburg, The Netherlands, and even Cambridge (UK). But Brighton definitely does get its bike on. I spot spandex clad cyclists everyday whizzing […]

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Craft Fairs

The next few months I will be partaking in several craft fairs. Placing my emotions and feeling of happiness on a thin layer of ice. I try not to. I try to maintain perspective. See the bigger picture, not get bummed out if someone doesn’t buy my stuff, but in reality it kinda sucks if […]

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Vegan TomYum

I was struck down with a spring time cold last week. I hate those. In the winter is one thing. But when it finally gets nice out, and all you want to do is frolic in the sun, being sick is the WORST! Well maybe not the WORST, but it sucks. What makes being sick […]

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Cool Consuming

Yesterday I was chatting with my friend who had to buy emergency new shoes because he lost the heel of the shoes he had been previously wearing and we were on a day trip many hours from home. I was checking his shoes out. I liked them. But I also felt guilty liking them. They […]

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I Can’t Eat That

Today it seems more and more people have challenges eating different substances, whether it be dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, nuts, soy, etc. The list is long and winding. Many people that have never experienced sensitivities or negative reactions to any food find this sudden burst of allergies and sensitivities akin to a fad diet. Which […]

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Bicycle Design

I know I am not alone in saying there is something that intimately connects both bicycles and design. Every time I see a drawing or graphic design of a bicycle my heart skips a beat. I imagine the personality and life of the bicycle, the intimate relationship it has with its rider, and the wind […]

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